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GPL updates

Date Added: 12 December 2010

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As regular visitors will have noticed, GPL has been dormant for much of this year. I've been keeping the gigography ticking over, and once I've worked out how to add images to the site, the discography will be updated too.

For up-to-the-minute I Like Trains news, please use their official website and/or the forum.


Listen to "When We Were Kings" Now!

Date Added: 05 April 2010

Filed Under: Audio | New Music

Dance to the Radio are releasing a special record for record store day. The only reason that this news is mentioned on this site is because it features a new track from iLT that will likely show up on LP2. Surprisingly, DTTR have made the track available to listen to right now. Check it out here.

David Martin Solo Album Release Imminent

Date Added: 01 April 2010

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The NME has learned that David Martin has a fully recorded solo album that is ready for imminent release. The album is currently being shopped around to labels and has, according to an anonymous Warner Bros executive, started a major label bidding war. In a statement to NME, Martin stated, "I'm tired of all of Guy, Alistair, and Simon's baggage. They always want me to write about death and dead people. It's been really exciting for me to write about things that make me happy, like ice cream and crisps." True to his word, the album opener is a cover of Lily Allen's "Smile." Martin played a 30-second sample of the song and it is clear that this song was meant for Martin's trademark baritone. Other surprises on the album include a Spanish language song titled, "Mi Nombre Es David." The draft for the album's press release states, "On a recent tour with I Like Trains, Martin spent countless hours with his headphones on soaking up the Spanish language. 'I just believe that the Spanish language is so beautiful, I felt that one of my songs deserved this language.'" According to the release, the lyrics read:

"Mi nombre es David.
¿Cómo estás
¿Dónde está el baño"

Clearly, this is Martin's strongest statement on the need for human connectedness with his repeated questioning of "How are you?" While his baritone begs this question, his humanness shines through the song as he declares, even though he really wants to connect and know how you are doing, he is after all just a human who needs to find a bathroom. Martin cannot seem to get away from historical references as there is a very good chance that the "David" he refers to in the song is David, from the Bible.

To get a feel for what you can expect from the album, NME was able to obtain the tracklist, listed below:

1) Smile
2) Twenty Five Good Deeds
3) Ice Cream & Crips
4) We Go Skipping in the Field
5) Happy Songs 2 (Even Happier)
6) The Honesty
7) Life is the Beginning
8) Mi nombre es David

The proposed album artwork can be seen below. It should be noted that the big open space in the artwork is reserved for a picture of Martin, but currently no hi-res press picture of Martin smiling could be located and everything else was deemed inappropriate.

A Father's Son Debuted on BBC Radio

Date Added: 11 October 2009

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During iLiKETRAiNS' session for BBC Raw Talent, they debuted a brand new song, A Father's Son. Dave explained that this performance was "the first time outside our rehearsal room" that they played the song. Fortunately, BBC's wonderful iPlayer makes it easy to find and rip these performances. The 128 kbps mp3's can be downloaded using the following links:

1) Intro
2) Sirens
3) A Father's Son
4) Interview
5) Sea of Regrets

In addition, I created this smoking album cover for the mp3's.

BBC Raw Talent album cover

Big Week for iLiKETRAiNS

Date Added: 11 October 2009

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This week is a big one for iLiKETRAiNS. To start things off, iLiKETRAiNS are playing a new studio gig for BBC's Raw Talent tonight from 8-10 local time. On the message board, Simon promised that a new song would be played during this broadcast. I hope to record the broadcast and offer it for download here once it is archived on the BBC website. More details will follow in the coming days.

On Monday, Sea of Regrets is officially released, although many people have already received the single with the beautiful new b-side, The Spark. Additionally, Sea of Regrets will be used to soundtrack the season premier of CSI: Miami. Folks in the UK will not be able to see this broadcast. Check the message board as I will try to get a clip of iLiKETRAiNS' work up soon.

And if that wasn't enough, iLiKETRAiNS will be playing new shows on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week. They begin their tour with a show in Liverpool, then off to Manchester, followed by a homecoming gig in Leeds and then Glasgow to cap off the week. More shows follow in the coming weeks. It's likely that new songs will be played during these gigs, so hopefully a few recordings will surface.

Enjoy all of the exciting iLT action this week!